Plastic Injection Moulding Shop

Mobile Garbage BinColumbia Australia's injection moulding capacity - from 55 tonne to 2,500 tonne clamp capacity, with shot size capability up to 20kgs - ensures that we have the right machine to produce your parts in the most cost effective manner.

Plastic Injection MouldingColumbia's specialized machinery include injection equipment for "over moulding" of injected parts, plus a Dynamic Balancing machine, Ultrasonic and Hot plate welding machines.

Plastic Injection MouldingWhether it is short production runs, tool trials, production to Kanban or production to forecast, Columbia Australia will work with you to meet on-time, in-full requirements.

Columbia's tool making and injection moulding expertise has resulted in successful and long term business relationships with customers from the aerospace, automotive, whitegoods, electrical, FMCG packaging and many general manufacturing industry applications.

The strong commitment to producing a product that "exceeds the customers expectation" is constantly reviewed by active quality control & production teams, and production systems based on Quality Certification to QS-9000 and AS/NZS ISO 14001:1996.

The focus of our factory's processes are based on:

  • Standardized work practises.
  • J.I.T and Kanban systems.
  • EDI facilities.
  • Lean Manufacturing - using TPS